Jim Goodwin


A master of his craft, Jim Goodwin is a producer and multi-instrumentalist who came of age on the streets of New York, the cafes of Paris, and music houses of Los Angeles. From his days in The Call to composing the Warner Brothers Home Video logo music - heard by billions - Jim has humbly, but profoundly, influenced the musical terrain of our world. When he's not in the studio producing for Eggchair Music, he can be found exploring the natural beauty of the Cascades.

Hobbs Magar├ęt

Composer/Sound Designer

As versatile as he is virtuosic, Hobbs took the helm as principal composer and sound designer at Eggchair Music in 2015. Since then, Eggchair has created custom music and sound design for a wide variety of world-famous companies - most notably NCSOFT and Tennis Channel. Hobbs is a devotee of both Richard Strauss and Dr. Dre, resulting in an evenly mixed analog/digital worldview that generates new and penetrating sonic environments.